Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set out herein should be read carefully as they constitute a legally binding agreement between KAPS Consultancy Ltd. either applicant and or their representative agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. KAPS Consultancy Ltd. assumes that anyone who comes to KAPS Consultancy Ltd. has read and understood these terms and conditions.
  • KAPS Consultancy Ltd. is a business organisation and survives in the introductory fees and commissions paid to it by colleges, universities and other service providers.
  • KAPS Consultancy Ltd. tries its best to find the best solutions for its clients without direct service charges applied to them in some certain conditions.
  • Documents submitted to KAPS should be genuine regardless of photocopy or sent in email and if they are not so the applicant will be responsible for its consequence.
  • All the documents submitted to KAPS for their admissions in colleges or universities or any service providers are being collected and retained by KAPS Consultancy Ltd. and will be disclosed to officers, staff, consultants, other agents and sub-agents if needed and departments of any colleges and universities for relevant purposes and so is with the other service providers and is not liable if another party uses their documents for other purposes than expected.
  • KAPS never can guarantee your admissions in any colleges, universities or any training centres or test centres just supplying your documents and payments. In most cases we can predict on the basis of your documents but the ultimate decision depends on the colleges and universities and any service provider. You need to supply the required documents in time and it is your responsibility to get updates from KAPS in time.
  • We provide you practical guidance about the SELT and may call you for short classes for intensive guidance but we never can guarantee your 100% successful results.
  • If there is any problem in the test centre and the test is cancelled or result delayed, KAPS Consultancy won’t be responsible for it. KAPS tries its best to get refund and place you for another test if you want but cannot guarantee the consequences.
  • KAPS will never be responsible if you make any payment to any person, agent/sub-agent either in their company account or personal account. You must make all the payments in the company account as specified below:
          Account Holder: KAPS Consultancy Ltd
          Short Code: 40-03-16
          Account Number: 51707876
          IBAN : GB54MIDL40031651707884
          Branch Identifier Code: MIDLGB2140T
          HSBC Bank
          Greenwich High Road
  • If you put your name in reference it will make us easier to confirm your payment.
  • If you are not sure whether it is safe to make payment to any agent or sub-agent or any person on behalf of KAPS Consultancy, just either get email confirmation or make a phone call to the office and save yourself and the dignity of the company.
  • If the payment is made into company account from abroad, only the actual money received into company account will be yours. Banks deduct some certain charges from the amount you deposited if it is not clearly instructed and you haven’t paid service charges to them.
  • It is your right to get the proof of payment once you make payment in the company account. Either get email confirmation or a receipt from the office so that it avoids the dispute regarding the amount you paid.
  • Refunds can only be made if you have made the payment in the company account and the payment hasn’t been made to any college or university or any service provider after deducting reasonable administrative charge. Refund will be made into the account or only to the person who made the payment unless the person authorises another person in writing. If the refund is to be made into the overseas account, you need to bear all the charges bank applies for this service and transaction. If the payment has already been made to college, university or any service provider, KAPS will try its best to get refund in dealing friendly manner and if failed it is the sole responsibility of the client to settle the matter. KAPS can only provide the proof of the payment and friendly suggestions to the client.
  • KAPS Consultancy Ltd. reserves the right to amend or alter any or all of these Terms and Conditions and advertised services, service charges at its discretion and without any prior notice.
  • Please make sure you have read these terms and conditions along with the Client Declaration form. You must ask for the client declaration form in the office and leave it signed once you have gone through it if you really want service from KAPS.